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Leonardo lived a life filled with inspiration, but also with unhappiness. Throughout his years he went through moments of despair, but he also found glory when he was welcomed in Florence as a great painter of the day. While only a few of Leonardo's works remain intact for us to see, and while his life was long lived and sometimes filled with sadness, we are blessed with the gift of the beautiful pieces that Da Vinci left behind. The few paintings of Da Vinci's as well as the many notebooks are scattered in different places throughout the world, one of his notebooks is even owned by software tycoon, Bill Gates. While we can't all buy the actual pieces, we can still all take in a little bit of Da Vinci through art prints of his works. Many Da Vinci art prints and posters exist, and we can purchase the masterful The Last Supper, or The Mona Lisa to bring a little bit of Da Vinci into our own homes.

While Da Vinci's paintings may express numerous thoughts, and may evoke a multitude of feelings for the viewer, it becomes important to understand what was going on in the painter's life when the work was made. Even a Da Vinci poster alone may trigger a conversation about the painter, so here are the facts you'll want to know:


Leonardo is born on April 15 in the village of Anchiano, near the town of Vinci.


At 15 Leonardo is sent to Florence to work as apprentice to Andrea De Verrocchio.


20 year-old Leonardo is accepted into the painters' guild of Florence.


Leonardo is accused of sodomy; he is publicly humiliated although the charges are later dropped.


The Annunciation is painted. The work, initially credited to Da Vinci, is now believed to have been painted by Lorenzo di Credi.


Leonardo begins work on The Adoration of the Magi, an altarpiece for the Monastery of San Donato at Scopeto.
He sketches many studies.


Leonardo moves to Milan to work in the service of the city's duke, Ludovico Sforza. He gains the title of "painter and engineer of the duke.


Leonardo paints the Virgin of the Rocks.


Leonardo paints Lady with an Ermine.


Leonardo begins work on The Last Supper in the refectory of the convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan.


The Last Supper is completed.


With the duke Ludovico Sforza'a fall from power, Da Vinci leaves Milan and spends a short time in Venice.


Leonardo begins painting the Virgin and Child with Saint Anne, a project that he only finishes after 10 years.


Leonardo returns to Florence.


Leonardo begins work as senior military architect and general engineer for Cesare Borgia, son of Pope Alexander VI.


Leonardo is commissioned to paint the Mona Lisa.


Leonardo is commission to paint a mural for the council hall in Florence's Palazzo Vecchio, which is to be the Battle of Anghiari, a work that would remain unfinished.


Leonardo paints St. John the Baptist.


The king of France invites Leonardo to come work for him.


May 2, Leonardo dies in France.


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