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Leonardo da Vinci Books:
Insight into the Mind of a Genius

Undoubtedly, Leonardo da Vinci is one of history’s most notable personages. As a thinker, artist and inventor, his work encompassed several fields of interest, and included masterly paintings, drawings and inventions. Leonardo’s passions were so varied, and his mind so complex, that many scholars have been intrigued by his genius, and as a result, numerous books have been written on the topic of his life and his work. Below are the titles of some Leonardo da Vinci books that may interest you.

The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci - Fortunately, most of what we know about Leonardo da Vinci comes directly from the man himself. Many of his notebooks and journals are still intact, and copies can be purchased or downloaded at relatively low cost. An interesting fact is that Leonardo was notoriously secretive, and often wrote his journals in “mirror script” so that the text could only be read when held up to a mirror. His writings have now been transformed into regular text and translated into various languages.

Leonardo on Painting - Modern-day scholars have translated and combined all of da Vinci’s journal entries concerning the topic of painting and painting theory, as well as his instructions on how to depict realistic light and three-dimensional effects. Aspiring artists can discover Leonardo’s approaches to creating visual art, acquire insight on his painting techniques, and learn how to produce reality through brushstrokes, all within the pages of this book.

Leonardo da Vinci on the Human Body: The Anatomical, Physiological, and Embryological Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci - If you respect Leonardo da Vinci mainly for his contributions to science, you will undoubtedly appreciate this book. It comprises all of his drawings and notes on human anatomy, fetal anatomy, and the position of organs within the human body. It also covers Leonardo’s comparative anatomy studies, including his dissection and examination of certain animals in order to compare them to the human species.

Through the Eyes of Leonardo da Vinci: Selected Drawings by the Great Renaissance Master: - This book is a survey of Leonardo’s most pertinent and ingenious drawings of anatomy, hydrology, military science, engineering, aeronautics, and some of his other interests. You can study his drawings without having to interpret his writing or shuffle through his journals.

Da Vinci was a complicated man with complicated ideas. If you want to delve into his world, these Leonardo da Vinci books will provide some insight into his mind.


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