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Angels & Demons – (2008)

Once again, as it was with The Da Vinci Code, get ready for the fast-paced, edge of your seat excitement when Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons movie hits theatres in May 2009.

Angels & Demons MovieRobert Langdon is back! This time, in the “prequel” to The Da Vinci Code, he is facing one of the most powerful underground organizations in history, the Illuminati. In the Angels & Demons movie, Langdon must stop the Illuminati from destroying its most hated enemy, the Catholic Church, which they plan to attack at the heart of their most treasured and revered place, Vatican City. Our hero races to Rome to uncover the 400 year old clues and symbols that will help him save the Vatican, all of which happen to be in the ancient Illuminati safe house. The heart-stopping thriller will have you in tense mode as the never ending battle between science and religion comes to a climax.

First published in 2000, the novel Angels & Demons preceded The Da Vinci Code, but was proposed for film adaptation as a sequel. It became an international bestseller, surpassing The Da Vinci Code in its reviews.

It was in 2003 that Sony Pictures acquired the rights (with a deal to its author Dan Brown) to the Angels & Demons movie. With The Da Vinci Code being a huge success, grossing $218 million domestically and $758 million worldwide despite poor reviews, the decision to go ahead with the plans for Angels & Demons was easy. The movie was originally scheduled to release in 2008, but due to the current writer’s strike, it is one of the first major projects to be postponed until 2009.

As with The Da Vinci Code, Ron Howard directs and Tom Hanks, who reportedly - though it is not confirmed - signed the movie’s contract that will unofficially make him the highest paid actor for a single film, plays the role of Robert Langdon.

Oscar-winning screenwriter Akiva Goldsman, who also adapted The Da Vinci Code, will once again write the screen play for Angels & Demons, in collaboration with Dan Brown who is also the executive producer. Goldsman reportedly received a 7 figure salary for the film. He won an Oscar award for his adaptation of “A Beautiful Mind”, and also holds writing credits for “Cinderella Man”, and the less successful “Batman and Robin.”

Well-known Naomi Watts has been announced as the most recent addition to the cast with an important role; however, the character she will play has not yet been revealed.

Ron Howard will be facing a hectic year when shooting begins. Not only will he be acting in the Angels & Demons movie, but he will also be supervising the editing and post production process of “Frost/Nixon”, which has a tentative release date of late 2008. With two high profile projects opening within a very short time, this could mean one project may be bumped due to the intensity of the multi-tasking.

Millions of fans worldwide are both concerned and excited about the upcoming Angels & Demons movie. Many worry about its accuracy in reflecting the book’s intricate storyline and unforgettable characters. It is best not to compare the book with its movie version, as the film does its best within a 2 hour period.

The latest release date is set for May 2009, with production beginning in February 2008.


Written by Leon Grey
Leon Grey is the author and webmaster for the website Leonardo Da Vinci's Life. For a peek at his site, visit www.davincilife.com.


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